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4. Picture description 2: getting inspired with Humans of New York (HONY), a mosaic of portraits and stories

In 2010, Brandon Stanton  set out to photograph 10.000 New Yorkers. Four years later, his photoblog is followed by 7 million people on social media. It has become so very popular among New Yorkers that now everyone in the city knows what the acronym hony stands for.  Sometimes Brandon accompanies his pics with a  caption, a quote or even a story.

Dismantling stereotypes implies developing awareness on how diverse and complex reality is. This year we shall be working with Humans of New York inspiring pics. What is the stereotype of a New Yorker? I bet that after doing this activity you will understand there are not simple straightforward answers to that question

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-30 a la(s) 8.45.00 PMTasks:

I) Find out media coverage of  Brandon’s site.  You must cite the media you investigated. Write answers in your notebook. (reading and writing)

2) Listen to Brandon himself talk about his project . Watch this video. Write a short description of Brandon. What impressed you most about him? Think of 5 questions would you like to ask him? Write them in your notebook.(listening and writing)

2) Choose a portrait from Hony, of from the you tube video above. Imagine the questions you’d  like to ask  that/those person/s.  What made you choose him/her/them?  Contribute posting a comment to hony.(writing)

3) Write a description of the portrait you chose. Add it to the google doc  that I created for the group. Remember to include the date the pic was taken and the number of notes (comments generated) . If you chose a pic from the video, you must write the exact minute when your chosen person/s appear. Write the description  in the doc and do not forget to write your name.. Portraits can not be repeated. Be ready to present your pic to the class.(writing) (oral presentation)

4) The portrait from hony I have chosen to illustrate this post is from Stella. It was taken on the 19th October 2012. It generated thousands of notes. Here you can learn more about her story. Read it. Write down the words you had to look up in the dictionary. Choose a note you sympathised with. Be ready to share it with your classmates. Do you think Stella’s experiences are common among teenagers? Do you believe hony helped her? Why?  Did you visit her blog?  Practise retelling Stella’s story aloud.


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