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Welcome to “Evening lessons 2″

My name is María Loredo and I will be your English teacher teacher this year. I have created  this blog  hoping to make your English lessons more varied and interesting. Posts will help you keep track of what we do in class.  In “Evening lessons 2” you will find materials  to complement your textbook, Performance II. In the blog, there will also be links to self study exercises, to web pages  and to the Google docs  we’ll be using to share tasks and to summarise class sessions. Finally, there is a twin  blog , “Evening English 1″ for the students in bloc I.  It might be useful for those of you who did not pass 1st Batx or for those who want to revise 1st year syllabus.

I hope you’ll learn a lot this year and, what is far more important, I hope you’ll grow, as Alice, curiouser and curiouser while learning English. Though growing curiouser might not  be grammatically correct, it is much more fun and challenging.



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